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Member Pete Petrie - Pete's Route 66 Gas Museum - Williams AZ

National Park Service, Route 66 Corridor Preservation Grants

Dear Friends of Route 66,

The National Park Service, Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s cost-share grant awards. The cost-share grant program provides grant assistance for eligible historic preservation, research, oral history, interpretative, and educational projects. Grants are offered through an annual, competitive grant cycle. Since 2001, 139 projects have been awarded $2.1 million with $3.4 million in cost-share match, totaling $5.5 million in public-private investment toward the revitalization of the Route 66 corridor.

To learn more about each of these projects, see the full version grant announcement online.

The 2017 grant awards go to:


Tropics Neon Sign Restoration Project

Location: Lincoln, Illinois

Applicant: Logan County Tourism Bureau

NPS Grant: $17,000             Cost-Share Match: $28,500


Trucking on Route 66 in Missouri Oral History Project

Location: Route 66 through Missouri

Applicant: Missouri State University Libraries

NPS Grant: $5,105               Cost-Share Match: $5,697

Wilder’s Neon Sign Restoration Project

Location: Joplin, MO

Applicant: Private Owners

NPS Grant: $24,000             Cost-Share Match: $24,000


Texas Route 66 Historic Property Online Database

Location: Route 66 through Texas

Applicant: Texas Historical Commission

NPS Grant: $13,532              Cost-Share Match: $18,668


Online Educational Guide to Route 66 in California

Location: Route 66 through California

Applicant: California Historic Route 66 Association

NPS Grant: $6,000               Cost-Share Match: $6,484

National Route 66

Route 66 Bridge Assessment and Prioritization Project

Location: Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica

Applicant: The University of Texas at El Paso

NPS Grant: $7,550                Cost-Share Match: $24,784

The Women on the Mother Road: Documentary Film

Location: Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica

Applicant: Cinefemme

NPS Grant: $25,000              Cost-Share Match: $25,000


Kaisa Barthuli

Program Manager

Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program

National Trails Intermountain Region

National Park Service

P.O. Box 728

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87504-0728


Phone: 505.988.6701

Fax: 505.986.5214


Annual Picnic Photos On-line

George at the grill cooking Burgers & Smokies

Photos of this years Canadian Route 66 Associations Picnic are now on-line in the Photo Gallery. This years picnic was on August 12, 2017.

Click to see photos

Historic Route 66 Association of Belgium


Date: June 27, 2017

From Nadine Pelicaen:

We are proud to announce that today the website for the Historic Route 66 Association of Belgium is launched, as well as the associated Facebook page. The aim of the association is to promote Route 66 travel to Belgiums and other Europeans by providing information in English, Dutch and French.

Web Site:

Facebook: Link

Burnaby’s Annual Hats Off Day Show & Shine 2017

This year more then 60,000 people attended the Annual Burnaby Hats Off Day Festival. This a thank you to the community from the Burnaby Hieghts Merchant Association. Hastings Street (Highway 7A) is closed from Gamma to Willingdon Ave for the Parade and Show & Shine. This year we had 103 cars participate in the event. 10 bands played on the street and many of the businesses had displays or food available for everyones enjoyment. This is a wonderful family event and street fair.

Congratulations to Canadian Route 66 Member Stewart Heyes for winning best in his class for his beautifully restored Corvette.

Pictures of the event are avaialble in our Photos section.

Arizona Route 66 Fun Run Photos On-Line

Click on the picture to go to George or Geoff’s Arizona Fun Run Tour

George & Bonnie’s Fun Run Photos:

Geoff & Stewart’s Fun Run Photos:

2016 Christmas Pictures

Sorry for the delay. Last years Christmas Party Pictures are now avaialable in the Photos Section.

Click picture to go to Photo Album.

Arizona Route 66 Fun Run - 2017

George - R66

Because of Bonnie’s injuries at Christmas (broken leg and collarbone) we will not be driving from Vancouver to this years Arizona Route 66 Fun Run. We will instead be flying into Las Vegas and renting a car and then joining our members in Williams for the event. We plan to stop and visit all our friends in Kingman and Seligman along the way.

Many of our Association Members will be driving to the Fun Run this year and Bonnie and I are disapointed that we will not be travelling with them. We have participated in the Fun Run since 1999 and have enjoyed the company of friends and terrific scenery on every road trip. This years drive to the Fun Run will be along the west coast to Los Angeles with a visit to the new Petterson Museum and then crossing the dessert to meet up in Williams on Thursday evening. We wish them all safe travels on their journey.

George Game

The Original Route 66 Gift Shop Newsletter

OR66GS Newsletter March 2017-1
OR66GS Newsletter March 2017-2
OR66GS Newsletter March 2017-3
OR66GS Newsletter March 2017-4
OR66GS Newsletter March 2017-5
OR66GS Newsletter March 2017-6
OR66GS Newsletter March 2017-7

Texas Welcomes the World - 2018

July 12-15, 2018

Join us for Food, Fun, Car Cruise, Rodeo, Dance, Artists, Authors, LIVE Music…and so much more!

We invite you to come explore Texas’ 178 miles of Route 66!

From our host City of Shamrock, with the famous U-Drop Inn on the East, to our infamous ghost town, Glenrio on the West we have sights to behold, places to visit and people to see! And as everyone knows Texas is the MidPoint of Route 66 so no matter which way you’re headed you’re half way there!! Like the windmills & wind turbines that share the wide open skies of the Texas Panhandle, you will discover the past and present on the Mother Road.

From the Route 66/Devils Rope Museum in McLean to the Milbern-Price Museum & Dot’s Mini-Museum in Vega, the history of Texas and Route 66 comes to life. Route 66 in Amarillo is a must see: with Art Galleries, Antique and Specialty shoppes, wonderful restaurants, two of which are the oldest restaurants on the Route, and bars that offer live music, we can keep you entertained form breakfast to bedtime!!

Along with all the great sights and photo ops that Texas 66 is famous for:

  • the restored Phillips Station in McLean
  • the restored Magnolia Station in Vega
  • the Leaning Tower and the Giant Cross in Groom
  • the Bug Ranch in Conway
  • the Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo
  • the MidPoint Cafe in Adrian
  • the Big Texan Steak Ranch
  • Edsel Graveyard in Shamrock

We also have a few side trips that are worth the drive:

  • Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon TX
  • Palo Duro Canyon~the second largest canyon in the U.S.A.
  • Horseback riding at Los Cedros Ranch
  • Lake Meredith Alibates Flint Quarries.

Also located in Amarillo (just not right on 66):

  • the Amarillo Art Museum
  • Sunset Art Gallery
  • the Amarillo Zoo
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • Don Harrington Discovery Center
  • Wonderland Amusement Park.

Amarillo is home to several golf courses (both private & public) and Shamrock also offers a wonderful golf course.

Web Site: or

Mailing Address: 105 E 12th St, Route 66, Shamrock, TX 79079

20th Anniversary of the Canadian Route 66 Assoc.

Article from our Fall Newsletter:

By Lorrie Fleming (#66)

As Founder of the CR66A, I've had the utmost pleasure of meeting fellow roadies over the course of passage from Chicago to Santa Monica. Our Canadian Contingent marked a 20 year milestone of incorporation on October 23, 2016. The following is a little dialogue that I penned for our Association Newsletter a few years ago. Truly, history repeats itself and I'm so blessed to be living this endless dream along "The Mother Road".

In May, 1994, Bob and I were traveling from Santa Fe, New Mexico heading west on I- 40 in Arizona and noticed a sign posted on the freeway in Arizona that indicated “Historic Route 66” - next exit right! Remembering the TV show that aired from 1960-64 featuring George Maharis and Martin Milner as Buzz and Todd, we decided to take the turn. Now situated in the sleepy little hamlet of Seligman and much to our surprise, were greeted by Angel Delgadillo, the town Barber who is credited in forming the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona and pioneering the historic highway movement to “Save The Mother Road”.

Angel convinced us to come back in the spring of 1995 for the Annual Fun Run weekend because we had just missed that year's event. Angel was so enthusiastic and convincing that we returned in April, 1995 sporting our '82 Corvette and officially registered for this spectacular event. At that time we were the only Canadians, albeit there were lots of participants present from other countries (England, Germany and Switzerland). We had so much fun that we planned our vacation here the following year (April 1996); once again driving our Vette, this time sporting personalized license plates “ROOT66” from British Columbia. We were an instant hit, but still the only Canadians registered!

In conjunction with Angel's blessing, Jerry Richard, one of the “Founding Fathers” of the Arizona Association, along with Secretary-Treasurer Anita Leeming, jointly encouraged me to start an Association in Canada, so the people in the ‘Great North’ would be aware of the Fun Run and other events planned along the famed Mother Road. At this end, upon my return home, I contacted the BC Corvette Club to introduce myself and my plight. Thereafter, I was invited to attend a club meeting and subsequently, the BCCC became our first "Chartering Member" to endorse for registration as a Non Profit Society set forth in the BC Societies Act.

Soon afterward, the Totem Classic Thunderbird Club came on board,
followed by the Vancouver Camaro Club. To keep the momentum in
motion, my good friend Gerry Sheppard, owner of a 1964 Roadster, joined the aforementioned Founding Members. Likewise, Lloyd Gregorowich, owner of Good Time Oldies Memorabilia Store in Langley expressed interest in becoming a Founding/Chartering Member. Hence, the above named individuals (and club representatives) resulted in the (5) signatories required to form a Society in the Province of 
British Columbia.

Adding to the mix, I received a letter from Red Robinson, famed Vancouver Radio personality, expressing interest in becoming a Founding Member. Collectively, the signatures were applied and I submitted all the signed forms (and Red's letter) on to Victoria. It was accepted on October 23, 1996 as Non-Profit Society No. S36022, incorporated in British Columbia. 

In our incorporation our association membership evolved with members hailing from across Canada: in Ontario, overseas in Germany and Switzerland and across the border in the USA.

May our journey have no end...