General Meeting Minutes - Feb 2016

Canadian Route 66 Association 

Meeting Minutes for Sunday 
February 7, 2016

Brunch meeting held at Delta Golf Course

Welcome new Members Sandy & Bev Ujhazy.

Annual Paccar Technical Center Open House for 2016 will be held April 9 from 11- 3 in Mount Vernon. This open house is always held during the Tulip Festival.

Alternate suggestion to tour the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, they presently have a Route 66 Exhibit. Route 66 Dream of the Mother Road.

New Permanent Display - a tribute to Harold Lemay

‘Lucky’s Garage’

Harold Lemay bought cars for their historical, cultural, and aesthetic value rather than as an investment.

Discussion regarding Paccar vs Le May, it was decided to choose LeMay museum. Bonnie to contact LeMay museum to find out how long the Route 66 Exhibit will be at the museum.

Tentative plans to visit the museum are for Saturday April 2. Group Rate at museum would be $12 USD per person, CASH ONLY as we have to pay all at once.

BC Society's Act

It has come to the attention of the Association that we are required to submit a set of ‘Bylaws’ to the BC Registry Services by November. Lorrie investigated this as we do not have BYLAWS. Our Constitution which was required when she formed the Society in 1996 would be sufficient. A little update in the wording could bring our Constitution into the present day. Bonnie to review how other Associations word their Constitution and report back next month with suggestions.

The purpose(s) of the society is: to promote awareness of events and preserve the historical significance of the Old U.S. Route 66 Highway for fellow Canadians to be involved Internationally. 

One proposed change would be to revise OLD U.S. Route 66 to read Historic Route 66

Route 66 News:

November 2016 marks the 90th Anniversary of Route 66. Los Angeles is planning a festival for the November 11 weekend. No word yet from the coordinator Scott Piotrowski on how plans are progressing for the festival.

Parade Magazine lists TOP 10 Stops Along Route 66

Here are 10 hot stops not to miss:

Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo, Tx) Featuring a series of vintage Cadillacs nose-diving into the ground was created by rancher/art collector Stanley Marsh in 1974.

The Painted Desert (Arizona) Hop out to take in this breathtaking hunk of sprawling landscape.

Roy’s Motel Café (Amboy, CA) This iconically lonely 1950s era Mojave desert motel and diner is the perfect setting for a visit from a mysterious drifter.

The Blue Whale (Catoosa, Ok.) The 20-foot tall, 80-foot long landmark, which took two years to build is still one of the most popular photo ops on the Mother Road.

Cars on the Route (Galena, Ka.) This fuel stop celebrates its connection to the movie Cars (the 1951 Tow Tater truck out front inspired the “Tow Mater” character).

Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant (Chicago) Kick off your trip at this legendary diner, established in 1923 and famous for its proprietors giving out fresh donut holes and Milk Duds by the dozen.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum (Clinton, Ok) Operated by the Oklahoma Historical society, visit a really cool replica diner—at this museum 

Chain of Rocks Bridge (St. Louis) Spanning the Mississippi River on the north end of St. Louis, the bridge, opened in 1929, is best known for its jolting 24-degree bend. Today, it’s only open for bikes and pedestrians.

Wigwam Motel (Holbrook, Az. and San Bernardino, Ca) Did you know that two of America’s surviving renovated concrete teepee hotels are located along Route 66?

Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica, Ca) Although Route 66 officially ended a few blocks north of this landmark pier, which opened in 1909, most people think of this picturesque spot as the end of the trail.

Holbrook Dairy Queen sign allowed to stay

A few weeks ago Dairy Queen wanted a franchise along Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona, to replace its 50-year-old neon sign.

Hundreds of preservationists launched a petition and called and emailed DQ headquarters, asking it to allow the sign to stay at its longtime home at 1004 Navajo Blvd. (Route 66). Apparently the home office listened. An email received from DQ stated that the Dairy Queen Heritage Sign may remain as long as it is in good working order and kept up properly!

 Save the Holbrook Dairy Queen Sign on Facebook collected more than 200 fans.

Mojave Trails National Monument order expected soon

A declaration of a Mojave Trails National Monument that would include almost all of Route 66 from Needles to Barstow, is coming within days. For six years, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has tried to get such a Mojave Trails National Monument designation through Congress, but the legislation has stalled despite widespread support from Californians.

President Obama is expected to invoke the 1906 Antiquities Act, at Feinstein’s request, to create 3 National Monuments preserving 1,380,350 acres of these lands, including a long stretch of Route 66. Republicans oppose the designation they have proposed the same three monuments, but would open the Route 66 area to mining.

Man to form United Kingdom Route 66 Association

After a side trip to Williams, Az during the 1980s a British man was inspired to form a United Kingdom Route 66 Association after he participates in the annual Route 66 Fun Run.

Peter Campbell-McBride told the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper what inspired him to form the group:

While researching the Fun Run, McBride realized there were thousands of people from around the world who were as interested as he was in the road made famous by John Steinbeck’s classic “Grapes of Wrath.”

He read about existing Route 66 clubs from Australia, Holland and Czech Republic, but none from the United Kingdom.

That made no sense to McBride. His country has a chain of drive-ins named after Route 66, and last year there was the Route 66 car and bike show in the south of England. And the best recording of “Get Your Kicks” outside of the USA is by the Rolling Stones, in McBride’s partiality.

“There are many car and bike enthusiasts in my country who would love to experience visiting the most iconic road in America, but there is no focus group to help make that dream come true. I aim to fix that,” he said.

It’s surprising a Route 66 association in England hasn’t been formed already since the popular TV series in 2011 hosted by Billy Connolly. There are Route 66 associations in Canada, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Norway and a recently Japan.

Tale from a Route 66 childhood gets an Oscar Nomination

A Pixar Animator is now an Academy Award nominee because of his short film, inspired by his own childhood growing up at a Route 66 motel in California. Sanjay Patel, along with his producer were nominated for an Oscar in the short film (animated) category for “Sanjay’s Super Team.”  Patel will find out whether he wins an Oscar during ABC’s Academy Awards Feb. 28.

50/50 Draw —

New Member Sandy Ujthay drew the winning ticket — Barry Cook won $30.

Tim Kikkert welcomed everyone to Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live event’s the 7th Annual Show & Shine which will be held May 26 during the Prostate Cancer RIDE TO LIVE Event.

Tim Kikkert welcomed everyone to Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live event’s the 7th Annual Show & Shine which will be held May 26 during the Prostate Cancer RIDE TO LIVE Event.

General Meeting Minutes - Jan 2016

Canadian Route 66 Association Minutes for Sunday January 10, 2016

Brunch meeting held at Delta Golf Course


Happy New Year

Welcome Guests: Marie & Nigel Wheway (BC Corvette Club); Jim Shewchuck, Guest of Bill Boyd.

Christmas Party Report

  Everyone had a great time once again; gifts were a lot of fun, especially the anatomically correct FUN GIFT,‘Eva’ doll who had a little too much red wine to drink….the lush! As always the animated toys are a big hit with the fun gift exchange.

  Now is the time to confirm a date for next year’s party. Saturday December 3, would be the first Saturday in December. The date will be confirmed at next meeting.


AGM Notes:

         At the Annual General Meeting in November our Treasurer Craig McDowall, prepared the financial statements for the year. As a NON Profit Assoc we are not allowed to make a lot of money. We did however come out with net revenue of over $800. Due to only one newsletter being published with the change in Editors . Along with a refund from Canada Post for cancelling the mail box. Also we had not collected a lot of money for 50/50 draws or nickels  (in place of pennies) to make our annual donation to Kruise for Kids, but it has added up. This year with the surplus we made a donation towards Kruise for Kids in the amount of $200. Newsletter costs approx $400 with each printing.

Proposed Trips/Activities for 2016

SUGGESTIONS for activities/Garage Tours, Picnic locations

A few suggestions for Garage Tours we had visited in the past;     

Doc Kinney in Chilliwack; A few of our members have collections of cars and would be willing to give us another garage tour. I have left a message for a garage tour in BBY, have not received a response yet, he could be snow birding……!

A Garage Tour was proposed for Sunday Feb 7. It was decided to delay until March or April when the weather is better. As our regular meeting date falls on Valentines Day, therefore the next meeting date will be Feb 7, pending confirmation from the golf course if the meeting room is available.

Annual Paccar Technical Center Open House for 2016 will be held April 9 from 11- 3 in Mount Vernon. This open house is always held during the Tulip Festival. The Tech Center does testing and development for Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF trucks. The tour highlights test labs and trucks manufactured by PACCAR. Located 1 mile N of Hwy 20 on Farm to Market Rd. . If there is enough interest in this event, we could travel as a group


Route 66 News:

          November 2016 marks the 90th Anniversary of Route 66. Los Angeles is planning a festival for the November 11 weekend.

The festival area will be near Route 66’s original western terminus of Seventh and Broadway in downtown L.A. In 1926, it was one of the busiest intersections in America. (The terminus later was moved further west to Santa Monica.)

Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a big revitalization following many years of decline. So the newly burgeoning festival area, aka Historic Theatre District— along with the anniversary — should make this an intriguing event.

This will be the first time the International Route 66 Festival has been held in a metropolitan setting. In 2015 the Festival was held in Edwardsville, Ill.


         It is important to note that for the first time, a Route 66 festival will be encouraging people to attend the festival via alternative means of transportation. The organizers will be working to secure accommodation options centered near the light rail stations as well as Downtown, and are planning to work on shuttles from the nearest Gold Line station directly to the festival. All festival events, will take place immediately within the Broadway/Theatre District corridor.


         Old Route 66 in California which is no longer in use officially is being re developed to serve as an alternate route for when I-15/I-25 is bottlenecked due to accidents. Last year before the Fun Run we drove this section of road leading from Victorville to the Summit Cafe and are pleased to know it will be re-used. Hopefully the Calif Assoc will have designated signage


         Oct 2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Canadian Route 66 Association, which Lorrie Fleming worked so hard to create. Discussion was held regarding contacting Founding Members for their story on how they assisted Lorrie with creating our association. Tim will contact Lorrie along with a few founding members & add their stories to our fall newsletter.


29th Annual Arizona Fun Run

 The Official Fun Run dates are: Friday April 29 (Seligman Registration),

Saturday April 30 - Seligman to Kingman (Overnight in Kingman),

Sunday May 1 - Kingman -Oatman - Golden Shores.

          Each year we arrive in Williams Az, on Thurs, which gives us the Friday to pick up our registration packages & clean our cars to prepare for the Fun Run.

         Regardless of the route to the Fun Run, what is important at this time, is knowing who will be attending the FUN RUN itself in order to make reservations in Williams, Kingman. Bonnie will be making reservations for anyone interested ASAP. Due the shrinking CAD dollar, it is recommended to stay at the Motel 6 again in Williams for Thurs/Fri prior to the start of the Fun Run.

         Bonnie will contact Sam at the El Trovatore in Kingman and reserve rooms for our members.

Following the Fun Run, one suggestion would be to stay 2 nights in Laughlin.

Other suggestions are welcome


Local Car events listing:

Lee Harrison list is only available online to download & any changes or additions are kept up to date

The Route 66 Fun Run is listed, along with the 3 events which Bonnie organizes -

• Hats Off Day June 4

• Marpole Summerfest - July 16

• Edmonds (Burnaby) City Fair - July 17



50/50 Draw - $70 collected. Yvonne Leung drew the winning ticket.

Congratulations to Sue Ramberg who $35 in the 50/50 draw.


Tentative next meeting date Sunday February  7, - 10am Delta Golf Course