Annual General Meeting Minutes October 2012

Canadian Route 66 Association Minutes for Annual General Meeting

Choo Choos Restaurant 

20559 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC 

Sunday October 28, 2012

Election of Board of Directors & Committee Members 

Reappointed for another term, as follows:

President                                Bonnie Game 

Vice President                        Rick Locke

Treasurer                               Craig McDowall

Newsletter Editor                   Brad Jones

B.C. Corvette Club Liaison    Stewart Heyes

Kruise for Kids Liaison         Roy Hansen

Phoning committee               Chris DeBock/aka Bonnie’s Mom

Garage Tours

Bonnie asked the members for suggestions on tours or road trips.

  • John & George had a few suggestions:
  • Garage tour or spring road trip to 3 Valley Gap.
  • If anyone had suggestions of a collection that may be of interest please contact that person to see if they would be willing to give us a tour after a meeting or in place of a meeting.


Craig was not able to attend due to illness so he sent a quick report:

  • Membership Renewals were down by $185 - possibly due to the change of renewal date as voted on at the 2011 AGM to change renewal dates to JANUARY.
  • Picnic revenue was up from last year (all money collected from Picnic was donated to WestCoast Railway Assn)
  • Christmas Party revenue was up (Christmas Party revenue covers door prizes collected throughout the year)
  • Overall expenses were down
  • 50/50 draw was up over last year (all 50/50 draws & pennies collected are donated to KRUISE FOR KIDS)


56 active memberships, up from 52 - 2011 

5 Associations/Groups

1 Life member, 2 Comps (dating back to Lori’s Founding of CR66A)Membership fees, pay for cost of printing newsletter which is why we try not to increase the membership dues. We are totally non profit.

**Reminder: As we voted on at last year’s AGM, membership dues are renewable in January each year. If you renewed your membership at any point during the year, your renewal date was changed to Jan 2013. Anyone who renews from today onward, their renewal date will be Jan 2014.**

Webmaster Report

Please check the web site frequently for Meeting Dates, Event Photos, Videos, Other Association Newsletters and important stories from Route 66. Any short stories and pictures from our members regarding travels would be welcomed. 


Brad is always looking for longer stories for the Newsletter.

KRUISE FOR KIDS Annual Toy Run Sunday November 4

  • Departing at 10am from Red Robin @ Guildford Town Center. Enter from 152nd, keep left, the parking lot has changed. Cruise from Guildford to  Coast Hotel & Convention Centre at 20393 Fraser Highway. 
  • Bring one (unwrapped) brand new toy to Donate.
  • CR66A will donate proceeds from 50/50 & penny collections.

Christmas Party

Mark your calendars for SATURDAY DECEMBER 8,

Christmas Party will be held at the newly renovated Delta Golf Club

Door open 6pm, dinner 7pm

Cost to be determined, the banquet menus are just being prepared. As soon as I receive a copy of the banquet menu and cost I will notify everyone by email.

Dinner Update: No Increase from last year. $40 per person. Same great menu.

Traditionally we have a fun gift exchange.  Everyone brings one Fun/Joke gift to go into the general gifts (around $10 per person). There are also special door prizes as well which are collected all year long for the Xmas party.

We have fun by drawing names, the first person opens a present, and the second person can either steal the opened present or pick one from the pile. We have a lot of fun stealing gifts. You can only steal once, otherwise it makes for a very long evening!

Other News:

CAD Thanksgiving Road Trip to Seattle:

Washington members, Paul & Judi Dexter arranged a great itinerary for the Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was fabulous. 

We toured the recently restored HAT & BOOTS which was a former gas station in the 50’s. In recent years the Hat & Boots deteriorated from the weather and the land which it was on display had been sold. The Parks Dept moved them from there original site in Georgetown to it’s new location a few blocks away in Oxbow Park in Seattle. 

The Hat is a 44 ft wide Cowboy Hat where the gas pumps would have been under, and the boots were the washrooms, mens/ladies.

In 1953, Seattle artist Lewis Nasmyth was hired to "rustle up" a design for a western-style gas station in Georgetown (suburb of Seattle). Featuring a 44-ft. wide cowboy hat and 22-ft. high boots, the Hat n' Boots opened the next year. For a time it was the biggest selling station in the state. Legend has it even Elvis dropped by when he was in town during the World's Fair in '62. But in the early 60's, I-5, started diverting traffic away from the station. By the late 80's it pretty much looked like trail's end for the Hat n' Boots. That's when some Georgetown residents saddled up to rescue the soul of their community. “The Hat n’ Boots is as important to Georgetown as the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco,” says Allan Phillips, former director of the Georgetown Community Council. “If the Hat n’ Boots were ever to be gone from Georgetown, it would be like losing our soul.”

We spent many hours at the Lemay’s America Car Museum in Tacoma. The cars on display were fabulous. Each section of the building has a theme, Indy Cars complete with sounds of the Indy Cars racing; British Cars, with a description of the history of the Mini, etc. The display is always changing and cars on on loan from private collectors. There was one car on loan from the Johnson Collection in Coquitlam. 

Judi arranged for a demonstration on how to detail your car at the Girot’s Garage in Tacoma following the museum tour. At Girot’s they used our Audi to demonstrate polishing a car using  a clay bar, their own cleaning and polishing products and an electric buffer. They only did one small section of the hood and you could feel the difference. We will have to finish doing the car after we get home. Everyone brought something home from the shop. They offer car care demonstrations on a regular basis.

Their car products are made locally to the highest standards, selling everything an automotive enthusiast would want.

President’s Report:

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. I have said this before; managing this association takes a collective effort. Your contributions, help and suggestions for events are very much appreciated.  

I will be happy to order a Canadian Route 66 Association thank you plaque (for the host) for anyone who arranges an event or tour of sorts,

Route Suggestions for the “Arizona Route 66 Fun Run” are always appreciated. Bob and George usually start planning the route in January. Where would you like to go this year?

Oklahoma Newsletter for October 2012

International Route 66 Festival set for Aug. 2-4 in Joplin

From Ron Warnick's News Site:

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Officials with the Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Route 66 Alliance on Tuesday announced that Joplin, Mo., will be the host city for the 2013 International Route 66 Festival on Aug. 2-4.

Michael Wallis, co-founder of the Alliance and author of the best-selling“Route 66: The Mother Road,” along with Alliance co-founder Rick Freeland and Route 66 Association of Missouri president Tommy Pike make remarks during the announcement Tuesday afternoon at Joplin City Hall.

According to the news release:

The festival offers many different activities including exhibits and vintage car shows that showcase Route 66’s impact on the American culture, through transportation,  art and entertainment. Artist, authors and collectors join in the event to celebrate and share their stories about the Route 66 heritage.

The Main Street America Marketplace offers vendors an opportunity to show and sell their Route 66 specialties. Additionally, bike rallies, a beauty pageant, military exhibitions, carnival rides and other activities offer an experience for all ages. As with any festival, the International Route 66 Festival will include the traditional delicacies associated with a festive atmosphere, as well as exposing those attending to the local culture, this year featuring the various favorites  of Missouri.

Each year during this festival, Route 66 enthusiasts, commonly known as “roadies”, gather at a summit meeting to discuss the Route’s preservation, history and legislative matters. This year’s meeting will be held on Friday, Aug. 2, and will bring together the National Park Service and the eight state associations to discuss concerns and achievements in keeping the historic route alive.

full agenda of activities for the roadies as well as the local residence participation is being planned.  Many of the events will take place on or along Route 66 which will provide a keen opportunity to educate a new generation to the significance and value of living along Route 66.

Tuttle also told this to KSN-KODE-TV in Joplin:

“We’re actually going to be doing some advertising in Europe about this event, and about Joplin, and then we’ll also connect that with the rest of the Route 66 communities in Missouri.”

One of the things that sold organizers about Joplin was its Third Thursday street festivals, held in downtown during the spring and summer months. Because the city already is well-experienced in dealing with street galas, it didn’t take much to persuade organizers that Joplin is ready for the Route 66 event.

This is a rooftop view of a Third Thursday festival earlier this summer:

Also, the festival would become a symbol of the city’s recovery after a devastating tornado in 2011. And a festival that attracts thousands certainly would boost Joplin’s economy a bit.

(Photos courtesy of Ron Hart at the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce)

Canadian Thanksgiving Road Trip

A great weekend was had by all who attended this years Canadian Thanksgiving Road Trip to Washington State. Paul and Judy Dexter did a fantastic job of setting  up this years tour. We visited the Seattle Aquarium, the new LeMay "American Car Museum" in Tacoma, NorthwesTrek Wildlife Park and many other great locations. Photos are now available in the 'PHOTOS' Section.

Inside NAU 701 - Route 66 with Member Sean Evans

Route 66 Museum - Victorville California

Historic Seligman Sundries - October

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DT Picture -1655021
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