Canadian Thanksgiving Road Trip 2013

Another successful Canadian Thanksgiving Road Trip. After meeting Stewart and Barry, Walter and Joan at the Custer Rest Stop on I5 we proceeded to Babe's in Ferndale for our morning breakfast. From Ferndale we continued our journey down I5 to Everett and exited onto Hwy 2 towards Leavenworth. We turned off in Monroe onto Hwy 203 to Falls City and  Snoqualmie Falls Park where we met up with Paul and Judy Dexter. 

After visiting the Falls we continued on to the Snoqualmie Train Station to purchase our tickets for a 75 minute train ride. The train travels to Twin Peaks, back to Snoqualmie Falls Park and then returns to the station. After our ride we drove to Twin Peaks for lunch at the historic Twedes Cafe. After lunch we continued our journey to the restored Cle Elum Train Station which is now used as a restaurant. A walking trail tells the story of the train station and surrounding area. After a short visit Paul and Judy headed home while the rest of us made our way to our motel for the evening. 

The next morning after breakfast, Stewart and Barry said goodbye and departed for the Monroe Swap Meet. George and Bonnie, Walter and Joan headed east to Hwy 97 for a visit to Peteros (coffee break) and then on to Winthrop (Hwy 153) before returning home on Hwy 20 through Stevens Pass. the scenery and weather was fantastic.

On the way home we stopped in on Bill and Barbara Forbes in Birch Bay for a visit. Walter had an Ice Cream craving since Winthrop that was satisfied in Bill's Basement Ice Cream Parlour. After dessert the six of us then went to dinner in Blaine.

Photos from the trip available in the Photos Section.

Christmas Party Moved to Sunday, December 8

Our Annual Association Christmas Party has been moved to

Sunday, December 8, 2013 6:00 PM (moved from Dec 7)

@ the Delta Golf Course.