AGM Meeting Minutes - October 2017

Canadian Route 66 Association AGM Minutes

Sunday October 26, 2017

14 Members & 2 Guests in Attendance


The Association currently has 52 active members which include:
 3 paid Associations/Groups 
 1 Life member Wanda Saunders
 4 Complimentary memberships (Red Robinson, Shell Busey, Arizona R66 Assoc, Calif Historic R66 Assoc) 

As a reminder membership dues are due in January each year, you are welcome to make your annual dues renewal at the xmas party. If your newsletter renewal date on the back of your current newsletter is highlighted in yellow that is a reminder that your dues are due.

Your membership dues covers the costs of producing 2 newsletters each year. Funds are also used towards events such as the Picnic, although Pot Luck the Assoc does supply the burgers.


Our Treasurer, Craig McDowall prepared our annual year end report.

 Due to the expenses associated with the transfer of the Canadian Route 66 Association trademark & the Web Site Domain to George along with the 15 year renewal fees, our NET Revenue for the Fiscal Year End was  - $1,075.28

If you would like a copy of the financial statement please ask. Copies are available to the members anytime at your request.

Current Executive - No Change

President:  Bonnie Game               

Vice President: Stewart Heyes    

Treasurer: Craig McDowall         

Founder:  Lorrie Fleming          

Website:George Game 

Newsletter Editor: Tim Kikkert

Garage Tours:Bonnie Game (or any member who wishes to assist)

   Club Liaisons:

      BC Corvette Club: Stewart Heyes              

      Kruise-for-KidsRoy Hansen


Tim requires more content for the fall/winter edition which we hope to have ready for the Xmas Party.  We plan to have the newsletter printed by mid November, please send any stories which may be of interest to

Garage Tours:

Bonnie had contacted Ed Wasney in Sept for Garage tour -this was a 2nd attempt. Mr Wasney informed Bonnie he is not open on Sundays, and said he would get back to us on a date.

Annual Christmas Party:

Christmas Party, Saturday December 2 at the Delta Golf Course. $45 per person. Menu - Turkey, Ham, etc. As always we will have pictures of activities, road trips from years past, if you would like to add pictures for the party please send to George. Door Prizes are much appreciated. Please bring one FUN GIFT per person to share. Email invitations will be sent in November.

2018 Fun Run:

Route suggestions appreciated, suggestions from Roadside America  web site - 

This web site has great ideas on interesting things to see along the road, not just on Route 66. Check out the web site, If you know of a city we could visit which has interesting things to see we can work on an itinerary incorporating this.

Here are some of the ideas from the web site:

Auburn WA- Coffee Pot Coffee house

Pullaup WA - Muffler Man statue

Los Angeles - Peterson Museum

Hollywood - KERMIT Statue

Lee Vining Calif - Upside-down House

Upside Down House — There’s an attention to detail in the Upside Down House: a whole room inside nailed to the ceiling, complete with pots and pans, a bed, chairs, and even a wash basin. Even the dedication plaque is upside down.

Miles of Possibility Conference: 

George & Bonnie attended the 3rd Annual Miles of Possibility Conference in Joliet Illinois, Oct 18 -24. the weekend featured historical tours, a variety of presentations, entertainment, and social/dinner get-togethers. On Thursday, October 19, well-known preservationist/author John Weiss led a bus tour from Joliet to Dwight and back. And on Thursday evening, our group met up for hard-hitting rock 'n roll at The Forge nightclub in downtown Joliet. The opening band was not so easy to listen to as they spent an hour doing a sound check CHECK CHECK…

The highlight of the weekend was the Blooze Brothers  - the only impersonators Dan Ackroyd approves. 

The Dwight Texaco Station has maps on display where they ask you to put a pin in where you live. As tourist season was just about over, the map of Europe was so full of pins, you could not get another pin in the map if you tried. That is how many people from Europe are travelling Route 66 each year. 


The annual Kruise-for-Kids toy drive/fund raiser will be held Sunday November 5 at 8:30 am starting at the Red Robin parking lot in Guildford. Departure to Cascades Casino begins at 10am.

Decorate your car, yourself, bring an unwrapped toy for donation or cash donations are also accepted. So far the weather forecast is for a chance of everything, rain, snow flurries, sun!!

Kruise-for-Kids is our association charity, our 50/50 draw and nickel collections go towards our donation.

50/50 draw

 $35 won by Yolanda & Bill.

Due to the Christmas Party December 2, there will not be a meeting in November.

Miles of Possibility Conference, Joliet IL, October 2017

We had lunch here with David Clark during our excelent day tour. The Chicken was Fantastic!

With no Official Route 66 Festival this year, Bonnie and I attended the Miles of Possibility Conferences in Joliet Illinois. This was the third MOP Conferences and our second.  We had pre-arranged a Tour of the Chicago Route 66 Area with David Clark of We spent Monday with David walking the strets of Chicago and then setting out on the road to Joliet to see the sites. David gave us and exceptional tour. He was also a speaker at the Conference.

On Tuesday we picked up our rental car and headed south on Route 66 to visit the Litchfield Museum and to see and visit Terri Ryborn’s Sprague’s Service Station in Normal, IL. We made stops in Pontiac and many other towns along the way. We spent the night in Springfield and then the next day visited Litchfield and Normal. On our return trip we stopped at the Cozy Dog for lunch and met Buz Waldmire. After lunch it was back on the highway to Joliet.

More of this story in our next Newsletter.

See the Photo Section for pictures from our trip. Part 1 is Illinois and the Conference. Part 2 is our side trip to Dearborn Michigan to see the Henry Ford Museum. An amazing Museum!

Miles of Possibility Conference News Release - Joliet IL, October 2017

Jerry McClanahan, Author of the EZ66 Guide for Travelers and Bonnie Game (Jerry’s Artwork in Background)

Route 66 enthusiasts show their love of the road in Joliet

‘You either get it or you don’t’

From the Herald News

By Bob Okon

Oct. 22, 2017

JOLIET – Vancouver, Canada, Akron, Ohio and Green Bay, Wisconsin, were a few of the hometowns of people who came to a Route 66 conference over the weekend, showing a bit of the drawing power that the historic highway has for its devotees.

None of those towns are even along the old Route 66, famous for its place in Americana as a favourite travel route in the early days of automobile travel.

“You either get it or you don’t,” George Game said of the fascination with Route 66. “I’ve met people who don’t.”

Those who don’t weren’t at the Route 66 Miles of Possibility conference in Joliet over the weekend.

George Game, a member of the Canadian Route 66 Association, came from Vancouver to share the love for Route 66 travel at the Joliet Area Historical Museum, where speakers covered subjects such as historic preservation and economic opportunity.

Others came from familiar Route 66 towns: Pontiac, Illinois; Springfield, Missouri; and Tulsa, Oklahoma, to name a few.

Joliet is too. The museum, which also houses a Route 66 exhibit, is prime territory for Route 66 travellers. It’s one of the first destinations for those who make the full trip along the old route from Chicago to Los Angeles.

The keynote speaker at the conference was Illinois Director of Tourism Cory Jobe, who talked about the Route 66 role in a state tourism business calculated to have contributed 10,000 jobs in 2016.

“Route 66 is a major international draw,” Jobe told the audience, as he talked about German and Japanese tour operators who organize trips to Route 66.

Then there was Ron Jones of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

The tattoo man

“For some odd reason, they call me the Route 66 tattoo man,” Jones said as he introduced himself at the conference. “I have 169 tattoos. 164 of them are Route 66.”

Jones would doff his cap to show a tattoo depicting Del’s Restaurant in Tucumcari, New Mexico, one of many Route 66 stops that one can see inked on his skin.

“When I first met Ron, he had only 19 tattoos,” said Brenda St. Clair of Akron, Ohio, showing some of the 

Route 66 camaraderie evident in the room.

“I come to see the people,” said Dora Meroney, president of the Old Route 66 Association of Texas, discussing what drew her to the Joliet conference. “And I came to hear what they’re talking about in other states, and if I can use any of it.”

Route 66 college

Thomas Chase of Green Bay, Wisconsin, talked about the Route 66 class he teaches in a Lifelong Learning Program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

He has 50 people in the class and a waiting list of 80.

“They’re Wisconsin people,” Chase said.

Wisconsin is off the Route 66 path. But some have memories of Route 66 from when they lived in states along the route. Others are interested in traveling the highway, he said.

“They’re there because it looks like a fun thing to do,” Chase said.

Many in his class are older, Chase said. He is thinking of setting up bus tours that might run from Joliet to Pontiac to give them a taste of Route 66.

Most Route 66 enthusiasts are older, said Bill Thomas, chairman of the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership, which includes all eight states along the route.

The next generation

“We’re all in the prime and prime-plus stage of our lives,” Thomas said. “We need to make sure people younger than us know about Route 66 and appreciate it.”

Thomas talked about efforts underway to make the highway a national historic trail. A Route 66 credit card could be ready by November, he said. And students in the Netherlands are working on a Route 66 global positioning system to help travellers stay on course.

But Thomas also said Route 66 advocates will need to educate a new generation of travellers if they want to keep fascination with the road alive.

Actually, there were a couple of young students from the University of St. Francis at the conference.

One was Diana Viveros, a marketing student who said she knew little about Route 66 other than what she learned from the Disney movie “Cars” before joining the conference for a bus tour down the route to Dwight on Thursday.

Might she consider a Route 66 road trip of her own some day?

“I think I would,” Viveros said. “It’s just part of our American history.”

News Release: Couple set to relaunch the Launching Pad

MOP-Joliet 2017 00206

• The Gemini Giant is one of the top Route 66 attractions in Illinois.

• The Gemini Giant has stood outside the Launching Pad since 1965.

• The 24-foot-tall stature originally was one of the "Muffler Men" who were placed primarily outside of auto repair shops.

From the Daily Herald

By Matt Avery

Oct 23, 2017

No trip down Route 66 is complete without a stop at the Launching Pad.

The restaurant is a true relic from the retro age of the 1950s and '60s. Now, thanks to new owners, it'll be given new life and relaunched in the spring.

The eatery isn't the sole draw to Wilmington, a small town 20 miles south of Joliet: many visitors come to see the 24-foot-tall statue of a green space man holding a rocket that stands outside of the Launching Pad. The restaurant, located at 810 E. Baltimore St. (Route 66), dates to 1960 when it opened as Dairy Delite before getting renamed the Launching Pad in 1965.

That's also the year a previous owner purchased the large, fiberglass statute and placed it outside to draw attention. It originally was one of the "Muffler Men" who were placed primarily outside of auto repair shops as promotional pieces. It's now one of three surviving examples located on Route 66 and is one of the top five Route 66 attractions in the state.

Though traffic along Route 66 dwindled after construction of the interstate system -- I-55 is close by -- the diner survived until 2010, when it first closed. It remained a popular cruising destination and photo opportunity for both locals and out-of-state (and country) tourists. This week, Tully Garrett and Holly Barker became the proud new owners and have big plans for the site.

After a full overhaul, it'll be reopened next spring, serving up iconic diner fare. Tully did a stint in the music industry and will have a mini-museum inside showcasing some of his extensive music memorabilia. There's also plans to host car shows on-site.

"The Gemini Giant is one of the top five Route 66 attractions in the state," said Bill Kelly, executive director of the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway. "We are glad to see it remain in Wilmington and get the attention it deserves from the new owners. The Byway wishes them the best of success.”

Launching Pad

MOP-Joliet 2017 00390 copy

New Owners: Tulley Garrett and Holly Barker with George Game at the Miles of Possibility Conference in Joliet, IL, October 2017