Arizona Fun Run Tour Route Plan 2016

Proposed Arizona Fun Run Tour Route

14 Days

3553 Miles

62.32 Hours Driving Time

Day      Date       Destination

“01-Sat-Apr 23 Custer to Pendleton”

Driving 383 miles

Meet at Custer Rest Stop 7:00 AM

Babes Place in Ferndale for Breakfast

Holiday Inn Express - Pendleton

"02-Sun-Apr 24 Pendleton to Twin Falls”

Driving 345 miles

Super 8 - Twin Falls

"03-Mon-Apr 25 Twin Falls to Green River”

Driving 401 miles

Super 8 - Green River

"04-Tue-Apr 26 Green River to Canyon de Chelly”

Driving 296 miles

Arches National Park

Hole In The Wall

Best Western - Canyon de Chelly

"05-Wed-Apr 27 Canyon de Chelly to Holbrook”

Driving 171 miles

Canyon de Chelly

Painted Desert

Petrified Forest

Sleep in a Tee Pee in Holbrook - Wigwam Inn

"06-Thu-Apr 28 Holbrook to Williams”

Driving 141 miles

La Posada Hotel

Standing on the Corner

Meteor City

Meteor Crater

Two Guns

Twin Arrows

Winona Bridge

Galaxy Diner

Motel 6 West - Williams

“07-Fri-Apr 29 Williams-Seligman-Williams" Free Day

Pick up Registration in Seligman, Driving 84 miles

Angels Barber Shop & Seligman or

Go to Grand Canyon or

Go to Sedona, Jerome

Group Dinner in Williams

"08-Sat-Apr 30 Williams to Kingman”

Driving Day 131 miles

Day 1 Fun Run

Peach Springs


Car Show in Historic Kingman

Power House

Mr Dee's

Dinner with Jim Hinkley, Ramada Inn

Party at El Trovatore?

El Trovatore Motel - Kingman

“09-Sun-May 1 Kingman to Laughlin”

Driving Day 90 miles

Day 2 Fun Run

Cool Springs


Golden Shores for Awards - Cheap Lunch

River Palms Hotel - Laughlin

“10-Mon-May 2 Laughlin to Independence”

Driving Day 376 Miles

Death Valley

Badwater - Lowest Point in America

Artists Loop

Original Furnace Creek Inn Resort

Forty-Miner Cafe for Lunch (New Furnace Creek Resort)

Independence Inn - Independence

“11-Tue-May 3 Independence to Reno”

Driving Day 256 Miles

Virginia City

Circus Circus - Reno

“12-Wed-May 4 Reno to Chemult”

Driving Day 314 miles

Whipering Pines - Chemult

“13-Thu-May 5 Chemult to Ellensburg”

Driving Day 332 miles


Rainbow Motel - Ellensburg

“14-Fri-May 6 Ellensburg to Custer Rest Area” to Home

Driving Day 235 miles to my Apartment in BBY

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