NPS Route 66 2021 Grant Awards

From: Barthuli, Kaisa

Dear Friends of Route 66,

The National Park Service, Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program, is pleased to announce the

recipients of its 2021 cost-share grant awards. The program provides grant assistance for eligible

historic preservation, research, oral history, interpretative, and educational projects related to historic

Route 66. Since 2001, 158 projects have been awarded $2.37 million with $3.69 million in cost-share

match, totaling $6.06 million in public-private investment toward the revitalization and

commemoration of the Route 66 corridor.

To learn more about these projects, visit the full, online 2021 grant announcement. Congratulations

and many thanks to the recipients!

The 2021 grant awards go to:

Imperial Motel Sign Restoration

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Applicant: Private Owner

NPS Grant: $24,675 Cost-Share Match: $24,675

Shamrock Court Restoration

Location: Sullivan, Missouri

Applicant: Private Owner

NPS Grant: $30,000 Cost-Share Match: $30,000

Road Runner's Retreat Sign Restoration Planning

Location: Chambless, California

Applicant: Private Owner

NPS Grant: $5,386 Cost-Share Match: $5,386

Threat Filling Station Restoration

Location: Luther, Oklahoma

Applicant: Threatt Filling Station Foundation

NPS Grant: $20,872 Cost-Share Match: $20,872

Music and Entertainment Project on Missouri Route 66

Location: Route 66 in Missouri

Applicant: Missouri State University, Duane G. Meyer Library

NPS Grant: $7,484 Cost-Share Match: $15,011

Route 66 Women Multi-Episode Documentary Film Series

Location: Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica

Applicant: The Road Ahead Route 66 Partnership, Assertion Films

NPS Grant: $15,000 Cost-Share Match: $37,000

Kaisa Barthuli

Program Manager

Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program

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