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On the Road Arizona:

Radio Rte66:

Route Magazine

Another Links Page: Excellent collection of Route 66 Links

History of Route 66

Route 66 Alliance

Route 66 Podcast

Michael Wallis

Jim Hinkley's Route 66 Chonicles

Promote Kingman

NPS Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program

NPS Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program Map

NPS Find Route 66 National Register Listings

NPS Route 66 Archives and Research

NPS News & Events

NPS Route 66 Map

Unforgetable Road Trips in America

Cuba Murals

Lile Art Gallery New site will be up soon. 

Route 66 Experience

Bicycle Route 66

Corvette Tips & Information

Route 66 Info for Pulaski County, Central Missouri

RoadTripJourney (Plan your trip)

Triumps, Travels and Route 66: The Inspirational Story of Mark & Sarah Pritchard Click here

BonVoyage Travel - Route 66 Tours

Route66Guide - Roadside Attractions and Travel Tips

Route 66 World

Route 66 in Arizona: Don’t Forget Winona!

Route 66 Chamber of Commerce

Driving Route 66 - Trip Planning

Roadside Gallery - Fine Art, Americana Photography

Wigwam Motel Gift Shop

Legends of America

Bob Waldmire Art

Historic Route 66 Map Guides

Cuba MO Murals Site

Historic Seligman Sundries

Illinois Route 66 Red Carpet Corridor

Swa Frantzen of Belgium - The First Route 66 Web Site

Dutch Route 66 Association

Henry’s Rabbit Ranch

Route 66 Advertiser

Northern Arizona University “Cline Library”  Oral Historys

National Parks Service

Route 66 - Oral History on Google Maps Site Click to Visit

Route 66 - Click to Visit

American Road Magazine

BC Corvette Club

Route 66 News by Ron Warnick

Oklahoma Official Travel & Tourism Site

Harrison Car Show List

CruZin Magazine Show List

Angel & Wilma Delgadillo Memorabilla

Route 66 Picture Site  Click to visit site

Bygone Byways

Texaco in Miami, Oklahoma

The Dobson Museum, Oklahoma

Parsa's Virtual Route 66 Roadtrip

Barstow Route 66 Mother Road Museum

Wigwam Village Motel

Motel Safari, Tucomcari, NM

Kingman AZ Chamber of Commerce

Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona

Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona Fun Run

Bring Back Route 66

Oklahoma Route 66 Association <

Lucille's National Historic Route 66 Site

Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK

Historical PostMarkart of Route 66

New Mexico Route 66 Association

The (OZ) Austrailian Route 66 Association

Route 66 Association of Missouri

Route 66 Passages West

French Route 66 Site

Cruisin Route 66

Ken Turmel's Postmark Maps

The Mother Road Collection

Route 66 Place - Williams, AZ

Ariston Cafe, IL

Rancho Cucamonga Museum

Martin's Route 66 Gallery

Laurel's Postcards From the Road

Doc's Route 66 Page

Roy's in Amboy

Syd's Roadside Peek (great design)

"Return To Route 66" Shellee Graham's Book

Route 66 Drive-In

Colonel 66- San Bernardino

Motorcycle Road Rally

Czech Route 66

Route 66 USA

Martin's 66