PACCAR Tour April 13, 2013

Twenty-Five Members and guests met at the I5 Custer Rest Stop at 9 AM. We then drove to Bellingham's Fairhaven Historic District and then continued down scenic Chukinut Drive to the Farmhouse Restuarant in Mount Vernon for brunch. On the way we encountered a major snowstorm and heavy rain. This came as a big surprise as the weather forecast was for sun and a few cloudy periods. When we arrived at the Farmhouse Restuarant we were informed our reservations had been cancelled. Fortunately the space that was allotted for our party was still available. Later we found out that it was a Corvette Club that had cancelled their reservations and the staff had made an error or misunderstood. After everyone finished there excellent meal we drove to the PACCAR Truck Test Facility for their yearly open house. This is where trucks are tested before being manufactured to test them for reliability. Trucks have to be tested for the equivalent of 2 million miles before they can start production. The facility was very crowded with everyone enjoying the displays and watching how the test are done. An entire truck on a shake table was very impressive as it bounced and shook in every direction.

After we had finished with the tour many of us decided to visit La Conner for the Annual Tulip Festival. As we watched the parade the skies opened again with a downfall of heavy rain and hail. After the parade we decided we were wet enough and headed back to the cars. We toured the Tulip Fields on the way home. There were not many in bloom because of the very cold weather we have been having.

Overall everyone had a good time. 

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